COMMUTERS in Mallorca have been left in limbo today as transport workers began a three day strike.

Employees at EMT Palma, the island’s bus service, are protesting against their working conditions during the coronavirus crisis.

DEFIANCE: Employees are unhappy with their working conditions

Their grievances include being made to use up their holidays during Spain’s state of alarm, in addition to a lack of sanitary controls on their vehicles.

With only 30% of buses in service for the next three days, delays are reportedly reaching up to three hours.

The strike comes as thousands of children have only recently returned back to school.

Buses must also operate at a limited capacity in order to reduce the possibility of COVID-19 contagion, thus causing further delays.

PROTEST: EMT workers gathered at Placee de Cort today

EMT employees gathered at Placa de Cort in the capital today to take part in a demonstration.

Dressed in their work uniform, they read a manifesto through a loudspeaker asking for ‘important changes to be made within the company.’

EMT palma
UNHAPPY: They allege a lack of sanitary controls on buses

Negotiations will now begin between Palma Mayor Jose Hila and EMT management in the hope that the strike will be put to an end.

Photography by Allan Binderup.

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