SOME 14 Policia Nacional agents swooped in to cuff a man on the run during a dramatic arrest in Murcia on Thursday.

The 39-year-old had evaded authorities for the last year and was wanted throughout Spain and Sweden, police revealed today.

DETAINED: Images from Policia Nacional

Crimes allegedly committed in Spain included homicide, with a warrant also out for currency forging offences in Sweden.

Police sources say his criminality goes back as far as 1999, and that he has an ‘extensive criminal record’ in the Levant area of Alicante province.

Starting in property crime, he moved on to money laundering before expanding into drug trafficking, authorities claim.

In 2015, he stabbed a doorman after an altercation outside a nightclub and threatened him with a gun.

He was tracked down and arrested in Ceuti, Murcia, last week when six camouflaged vehicles and 14 officers worked together to detain him.

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