EVENTS at the 2020 Triatlon de Santander have captured the hearts and minds of sports fans across the country after an incredible selfless gesture at the finish line.

The display took place last week at the Olympic distance race when Madrid born athlete Diego Mentrida sacrificed his podium position to a British competitor who took a wrong turn in the final stages.

James Teagle, who had held third place for a number of laps entered the final corner when he mistakenly attempted to head straight, hitting the barriers and losing the top position to the closely following Mentrida.

Aware of the Brit’s mistake, Mentrida backed off and slowed, allowing Teagle to overtake and reclaim his hard-earned podium slot.

The crowd erupted as the pair shook hands and embraced as they crossed the finish line.

“He must not have seen the detour to the finish line, or they did not signal it well. I don’t know, the fact is that he deserved it,” said Mentrida.

“I deliberately slowed to allow him past, and I would do it again, every time.”

Organisers of the event acknowledged Mentrida’s actions and awarded the 21-year-old the same prize money (€300) as Teagle in recognition for his selfless gesture.

His efforts have also gone viral online and has gained unanimous praise from the sporting community worldwide.

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