THE Diputacion de Malaga has planted over 340,000 trees in the province as part of its strategy to combat climate change.

The initiative forms part of the ‘Malaga Viva’ programme, which has involved the participation and involvement of nearly 2,000 citizens.

The scheme was founded in 2016 by Malaga Council which aims to reduce the carbon footprint generated by human activity.

The accomplishment has been recognised by the Junta, earning the fourth edition of the Torres & Earth Awards, which are aimed at acknowledging good practices in environmental protection.

‘Malaga Viva’ focuses on three areas; to encourage the province’s town and city councils to get involved in developing effective measures against climate change; improving education and awareness in schools and the general public and as an institution which itself carries out activities that reduce carbon footprint.

In 2019, more than 44 initiatives were carried out to combat climate change, with a budget of almost €10 million.

In this current tree planting scheme, as the trees grow, they help absorb and sink the carbon that would otherwise contribute to global heating.

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