A BRITISH man, 29, has been arrested for assault after biting off a piece of a passenger’s ear during a flight to Mallorca.

The Guardia Civil were alerted to the incident by crew onboard the aircraft which had departed from Birmingham.

According to the police statement, the crew had denied the Brit alcohol during the flight due to him already being heavily intoxicated.

He then decided to ignore the crew’s instructions and attempted to open the plane’s beverage compartment.

He then grabbed another passenger’s alcoholic drink and proceeded to consume it.

As the flight landed, a fight broke out between the man and another British passenger who had part of their ear bitten off in the scuffle.

Officers rushed onboard the plane, restraining the drunken Brit and putting him in cuffs.

He remains in police custody and has been charged with assault.

The victim was taken to hospital to receive treatment on their severed ear.

It comes as a group of drunk passengers began brawling on a flight from Amsterdam to Ibiza after refusing to wear their mandatory face masks.

In the video footage, uploaded online by a fellow passenger, two men – one topless – can be seen wagging fingers in each other’s faces before other passengers intervene and pin the shirtless man to the ground.

 The pair were detained when the flight landed on the Balearic isle.

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