FERNANDO Simon has confirmed for the first time that Spain is facing its second wave of coronavirus after registering 31,428 cases over the weekend.

The director of health emergencies expressed concern Monday night after another record-breaking few days.

“We are in a very clear increase, I have no objection to calling it a second wave,” Simon said in a first since the lockdown period ended.

The case increase is 3,934 higher than what was recorded last Monday, which was also weekend record.

Of particular concern is the incidence of coronavirus, which has now reached a national average of 280 per 100,000 inhabitants.

In the worst days of the pandemic, which saw 950 deaths per day, the incidence rate was 197 per 100,000 inhabitants.

However there are huge disparities among different regions, with Madrid clocking an incidence rate of 746, followed by Navarra with 605 and La Rioja with 465.

Yet at the other end Asturias has a rate of just 95, Galicia 118 and Catalunya 165.

“Yes, we have a second wave, but the whole territory is not in the same phase,” added Simon, who insisted that there are areas where there is some stabilisation of cases.

Simon also admitted that the pressure on the ‘hospital occupation’ and on the ‘health care system’ is increasing, with 9.5% of the beds being taken up by COVID-19 patients nationally. As of Monday there are 11,031 patients admitted, 1,417 of them in ICUs.

“The first wave passed with many complications, I think the second wave will not have such a great impact,” summarised Simon.

The next couple of weeks will be crucial and it is hopes lockdown-style measures in Madrid and the end of the tourist season will see numbers dip.

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