A FAKE bomb threat almost caused an evacuation at Palma de Mallorca airport this evening.

It came after a call from Madrid warned of an explosive device hidden somewhere in the building.

Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil launched an intense search of the airport at around 7pm.

Authorities held off on evacuating and soon verified there were no suspicious packages in sight.

FALSE ALARM: Bomb threat at Palma Airport made by a call from Madrid

The airport will continue to operate normally.

It comes after a false bomb threat in Madrid earlier this year caused panic and the evacuation of Amazon’s headquarters.

Officials received a warning at around 10:40am on February 13 that there was an explosive device in the building on Calle de Ramirez de Prado.

The site was subsequently evacuated and an inspection was carried out with support from Guardia Civil’s Tedax unit, which specialises in the deactivation of explosives.

After verifying that the threat was a false alarm, workers were able to return to their posts shortly before 1:00pm.

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