THE trendiest holiday home isn’t a palm tree lined house the Maldives or a penthouse apartment in Madrid.

It’s not even a sprawling villa in the hills of rural Spain. Rather, home is where you park it – specifically a fully renovated campervan, with fitted kitchen, a spacious bathroom and a skylight perfect for late night star gazing. 

One Italian expat and mum Monica Rinaldi, who lives in Mallorca, is selling her stunning Ford Rimor.

With a calm and cool decor that puts most plush hotels to shame, Monica has completely transforming the van into the ultimate home on wheels

Stylish and reliable, with a 1993 reg plate, diesel engine and Tiffany box blue exterior, the camper van is sure to sell quick. 

Not only can it sleep six people comfortably, it also has a powerful LPG gas heating system, a slick kitchen plus hot and cold running water. 

You’re heart has probably skipped a beat already, but if you want it you’ll need  €17,000 — and to get in line.

Camper vans are hot property in these virus-ravaged times when hotels and extensive travel seem like nothing more than a distant memory. Meanwhile the number of people investing in camper vans is soaring, inspiring hashtags on social media, with 8m post, and counting. 

And with a campervan like this fully renovated Ford Rimor you’d be sure to be the envy of Instagram. Look out hot wheels. 

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