ANDALUCIA has recorded 1,997 COVID-19 cases on Friday.

It is the highest daily case count since the end of the first lockdown, representing 87 more than yesterday.

Meanwhile there have been 14 deaths from the disease over the same period, six less than yesterday.

The marked surge in case numbers this week comes as the Junta has begun including the results of rapid antigen tests alongside PCR.

Most of the new cases in the past 24 hours have yet again come from Sevilla, which recorded 557.

It is followed by Granada with 536, Malaga 241, Cordoba 181, Jaen 171, Cadiz 158, Almeria 101 and Huelva 52.

In terms of deaths, in the past 24 hours, Sevilla counted five, Malaga four, Cordoba four and Granada one.

More importantly, the number of coronavirus patients admitted into hospital has fallen by 12 in the past 24 hours.

The total number of admitted patients with the virus in Andalucia sits at 1,016, of which 146 are in intensive care units (eight more than yesterday).

The latest analysis shows that 7.07% of hospital beds in the region are currently taken up by coronavirus (below the national average of 8.95%).

In terms of ICU beds, that number increases to 11.03%, but still much lower than the national average of 18.04%.

Sevilla has the most hospitalisations, counting 294 (41 in ICU), followed by Malaga with 173 (22 in ICU).

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