TWO armed Brits have been arrested after almost mowing down several policemen during a routine traffic stop in Marbella.

The men, aged 29 and 30, were driving a luxury car with British plates around Puerto Banus when Policia Nacional saw the driver ‘acting suspiciously.’ 

They asked the car to pull over, but the Brit stopped before quickly speeding off again, causing officers to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. 

20201016 Foto Revolver
SEIZED: Weapon found in car of two Brits in Puerto Banus (SOURCE: Policia Nacional)

Police reacted quickly and were able to close off the road ahead and intercept the vehicle. 

The suspects strongly resisted arrest, causing minor injuries to one of the police officers. 

A search in the car revealed a caliber 38 revolver and several cartridges of bullets. 

The Brits are facing charges of illegal possession of weapons, assaulting a police officer and defying road safety.

The incident happened at the beginning of October but has only been revealed by Policia Nacional today.

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