THE Valenciana region has announced it will be adopting a curfew ‘within hours’ in a bid to fight the coronavirus.

The eastern region, which includes the Costa Blanca, will maintain the restrictive measure until at least December 9.

“The Valencian community is going to take its own measures,” said leader of the region Ximo Puig tonight.

“I have commissioned work on a resolution which restricts mobility between midnight and 6am.

“That is a time slot in which we have detected that there are activities which are not allowed and which are causing contagion.”

He added: “In the next few hours we will make this measure effective and we plan to extend it until December 9.

“We are not going to delay a decision that seems necessary to us, we have time to prevent the situation from worsening, we have time to return to levels that we worked so hard to achieve.”

Puig is now in talks with the TSJ and lawyers to work on the legality of decreeing the curfew.

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