SIX Guardia Civil agents were injured after arriving to stop a possible fight between two rival groups outside a football ground on the northern Costa Blanca.

A manhole cover was amongst a variety of objects hurled at the agents, with protective helmets preventing any serious injuries.

Severe bruising and cuts were caused by bottles and stones used by some of the mob.

The post-match rumpus broke out outside Pego CF’s ground last Sunday(October 18) following their derby clash with CF Gandia.

Before the game, around 40 Gandia supporters walked around Pego chanting fascist songs and slogans.

That fired up a group of Pego residents to gather outside the ground ready to confront the visitors after the match.

Guardia agents at the ground called in reinforcements who were greeted by some of the crowd throwing anything that they could lay their hands on.

A 24-year-old Pego man was arrested the next day on a variety of disorder charges with investigations still continuing.

The Guardia managed to safely escort the Gandia players and supporters safely to their cars for their homeward journey.

CF Gandia issued a statement on Monday condemning the behaviour of any ‘ultra’ fans at Pego.

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