NATIONAL police have busted a gang that forged documents for African citizens desperate to reach the EU.

They launched the investigation at the end of 2019 after immigration officers in Malaga noted a suspiciously high number of admin procedures involving Ghanaian nationals.

This led to the discovery of a smuggling organisation operating from Spain, whose members held citizenship from both Ghana and an EU country, including Belgium and the UK.

The gang preyed on Ghanaians eager to migrate by making up family ties to forge legal documents, getting them around the EU’s sticky red tape for €300-€9000.

Police believe the traffickers raked in over €100,000 of profit before they were taken down in operation Wakaso, which saw a total of 40 people detained.

The 19 ring leaders are under investigation for falsification, membership in a criminal organisation and crimes against the rights of foreign citizens.

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