AROUND half of Benidorm’s shops will be closed over the next few months according to the Independent Association of Benidorm Merchants(Aico).

The group also says that around 200 retailers in the city have decided to cease trading this month either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Low foot-fall caused by a drop in tourists and less money to spend by local residents has led to the shutters being pulled down.

Aico president, Raul Parra, said: “The situation for traders is very bad and things will get worse, especially if travel restrictions are put into place between Spanish regions.”

Unsurprisingly the ‘English Zone’ around the Rincon de Loix has taken the biggest hit, but closures have been noted right across the city’s main shopping areas.

“I believe that over the coming months, only about 50 per cent of shops will stay afloat,” Parra added.

Fashion, gift stores, footwear retailers, and jewellery shops have suffered the most, but some smaller grocery stores have also closed.

The big question is how many businesses will reopen in 2021 after turnover fell by an average of 60 per cent this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.


  1. I’m sorry to say that through out this pandemic, not enough people have died to warrant the destruction of the economies. More people will suffer because of loss of their normality than will die from c 19.
    Suddenly the death rate has slowed right down which leads me to believe the people who have lost their lives would have been affected by flu or any virus.
    The government should allow the people to make the decision to protect themselves or not.
    Get everything open and trust the people.

    Location : Alicate
  2. Ignorance is bliss, eh Henry? You couldn’t trust most people to find their own a*** with their right hand. So, in your opinion, what is the ideal number of deaths to justify a lockdown? It’s this sort of idiotic attitude that prompts ignorant fools to riot.

    Location : malaga

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