BRICKS and flares have been thrown at police, bins have been set alight and protestors arrested as Barcelona protests descended into violence.

Protests started as new measures to curb the spread of coronavirus were introduced to all parts of Spain.

The country has resorted to increasingly drastic measures to curb infections with non-essential movement between regions banned.

Riots In Barcelona Against Covid 19 Mesures
A new night of clashes against measures to control the COVID/19 pandemic on the streets of Barcelona between police (Photo by Albert Llop/NurPhoto Cordon Press)

Tighter social-distancing rules mean thousands of bars, restaurants and other social hubs have closed.

The demonstration began peacefully in St Jaume de Barcelona Square before turning violent with clashes last night, Friday October 30.

Protesters began pushing against police cordons and throwing flares at agents, according to Spain’s El Pais newspaper.  

Riots In Barcelona Against Covid 19 Mesures
Arrests were made by catalan police, Photo by Albert Llop/NurPhoto Cordon Press

Police returned fire with foam bullets and retaliated with batons outside the regional and local government headquarters, as the safety of everyone in attendance was threatened.

Spain’s Health Ministry data showed 25,595 new coronavirus infections confirmed yesterday, a new record that brings the total caseload to 1.18 million since February.

The real tally, including missed cases, could be well over 3 million infections, admitted the Spain’s own generalitat.

With 239 new fatalities recorded, the total death toll rose Friday to 35,878.

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