THE mummified body of a pensioner has been found inside a home in Mallorca.

The grisly discovery was made by police over the weekend after neighbours reported not seeing the 78-year-old man since March 14.

This was during Spain’s state of alarm and when all of the country’s population was confined to their homes.

When firefighters forced entry inside the house located in Palma’s La Soledat district they found the man’s mummified body lying in the hallway.

The coroner estimates that he died approximately six months ago.

According to Diario de Mallorca, the pensioner was unsociable and did not speak much to his neighbours.

It is also alleged that he may have had a drinking problem.

Although the autopsy is still ongoing, police are not treating his death as suspicious at this time.

The man’s next of kin has been notified.

It comes after a ‘mummified’ body was discovered by a group of hikers in the hills of the Costa del Sol. 

The corpse, in the most advanced state of decomposition, was found in Los Montes de Malaga in late July.

Last year, the mummified body of a 78-year-old woman was also found inside a home in Madrid.

According to Spanish press at the time, neighbours had been asking police to check up on the woman for years after not seeing her alive since 2004.

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