FIVE pound notes branded with #FreeTommyRobinson are circulating on The Rock.

It comes after the far-right extremist Tommy Robinson was arrested in London last week.

Police nabbed the former EDL leader for failing to comply with coronavirus restrictions at a rally in Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park.

Robinson, 37, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, previously found support in Gibraltar when he fled the UK in August.

After an alleged arson attack this summer, Robinson left the UK for Spain where he played tennis in Marbella before heading to Gibraltar.

In a video he posted to social media while climbing to the top of The Rock in August, Robinson said: “My fat little legs got me to the top of this in sliders. Moving to Gibraltar, stick that in your f*cking s*it paper.”

However, the EDL co-founder later pledged to return to England after meeting with White Lives Matter protester Jake Eppel on the Costa del Sol.

“For all you snowflakes I will be back in the UK very soon, on the streets of England, doing what I do,” said Robinson.  

Robinson was arrested on November 1 while crying “I haven’t done anything” to the officers carrying him away.

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