A BRITISH teen girl had to be rescued when she slipped and fell down a muddy bank and knocked herself unconscious, leaving her precariously perched on the edge of a steep 10 metre slope.

She was with a group of British friends near an aqueduct on the Paseo del Obispo in Coin  on the Costa del Sol when the near-tragedy happened.

Teen Fall
Teen was carried to safety

Her companions flagged down a passing police patrol who immediately called for help from fellow emergency services.

Five firefighters and medics were soon on the scene to help care for and rescue the girl in what they described as a ‘complicated’ operation.

Medics first assessed and stabilised her condition before the victim was put on a stretcher, with emergency workers forming a human chain to carry her up the slippery and muddy slope.

An ambulance took her to hospital, and she has since recovered from the ordeal.

The incident happened a week ago but has only just been reported by emergency services.

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