THE ‘summer of San Martin’ will see the temperatures in Malaga remain close to 30C this week.

This Monday the capital will reach 27C, and in Velez-Malaga a maximum of 28C is expected.

St Martin’s summer is a spell of mild, warm weather similar to an Indian summer, occurring in November, which brings higher than average maximum temperatures, as well as fog and no rain.

The occurrence of such weather around the feast of St. Martin, celebrated on November 11, was first recorded in 1585–95.

The legend of St Martin is based on the saint’s most famed act of generosity: on a cold winter’s night, a young soldier by the name of Martin encountered a beggar, unclothed and freezing, by a city gate. With a cut of his sword, Martin split his cloak in two and gave half of it to the freezing beggar.

God rewarded him by sending pleasant weather during those days in order to give a respite to the cold winter.

As of today, Monday, Spain’s weather agency AEMET has forecast cloudless skies in Malaga with low cloud intervals in the afternoon.

Morning mists and fogs are not ruled out throughout the day with a rise in the maximum temperatures across the province.

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