THE Government of the Balearic Islands has enforced more stringent requirements on all bars and restaurants if they want to remain open.

The new measures to fight against coronavirus were announced at a press conference this afternoon by the Minister of Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela.

The first will be the requirement for all bars and restaurants to install CO2 meters.

These must be installed in the interior of an establishment and will serve to show if the ventilation is ‘sufficient’. 

If the ventilation is not suffice, bars and restaurants must install air purifiers.

“The meters must be placed in an accessible place which can be seen by customers and will act as a safety mechanism,” said Negueruela.

Business owners will have to pick up the cost for these items, however if they are not able to afford it, the government will provide loans to pay for them.

This loan must be paid back over an agreed period.

Inspectors will check all bars and restaurants to ensure that they have met the requirement.

Those that pass the ‘safety check’ will be given a quality seal and those that fail will be forced to close or open in a very limited capacity.

Secondly, all customers must provide their personal information to the bar or restaurant.

Negueruela said this measure serves to help the COVID-19 tracing team if a positive case were to arise.

“They will be confidential and include data such as a customer’s name, ID number and telephone number,” said the minister.

This information must be submitted to the government every 30 days.

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