THE family members of a minor subjected two police officers to ‘brutal aggression’ over the weekend after they demanded that the boy wear a face mask.

The incident took place in Alhaurin de la Torre, Malaga province, when the law enforcers transferred the minor to his home.

However, the boy would not go quietly. Both he and his relatives launched an attack on the policemen right on the doorstep, forcing the chief officer and his coworker to call for reinforcements until they could finally detain the furious family.

Appalled by the event, the city council has asked for “the full weight of the law” to descend on the aggressors and has encouraged citizens to “ignore the false information and rumours circulating on social media,” saying that the agents “acted with total professionalism and in accordance with protocol.” 

834px Police_station_alhaurin_de_la_torre_spain 1
REINFORCMENTS: The police office in Alhaurin de la Torre

Although it emphasised that this was an ‘isolated event’, the council is now finalising a process for incorporating six more officers into the local police force, with the employment of another three on the horizon as well.

Likewise, the Junta has just authorised an agreement to send agents from Torremolinos over to Alhaurin de la Torre on any occasion that it becomes ‘necessary.’ 

Anyone over the age of six is obligated to wear a face mask out in public. The council insists that the police will carry on being “vigilant to ensure compliance with the law for the benefit of public health.”

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