THE cumulative incidence rate of coronavirus in Spain has dropped below 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the first time since October 16. 

According to the Health Ministry, there have been 19,979 new cases detected since Friday, an average of 6,600 per day. 

That represents the lowest figures for a Monday this month. A week ago, there were 25,886 cases counted over the same period, some 38,273 the week before and 52,386 the week before that. 

The numbers suggest Spain, at least for now, is now stabilising and exiting the second wave of the disease which since the start of the pandemic has infected, officially, 1,648,187 people in the country.

Of the almost 20,000 cases declared today, 1,959 correspond to tests performed in the past 24 hours. 

Most of these came from the Basque Country (363), Galicia (249) and Catalunya (245). They were followed by Asturias (185), Madrid (167), Aragon (161) and Andalucia (145). 

In terms of deaths, there have been 401 caused by coronavirus over the past three days, meaning around 133 per day. 

The daily death count is stabilising with the weekly average dropping below 1,000 (943), for the first time in weeks on Monday. 

But the figure still continues to be of concern, with the total death toll now standing at 45,069 – a figure which excludes deaths in care homes.

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