THE Spanish Government announced yesterday that it would be sending two diplomats to the UK to assist with the vast queues of lorries currently parked up at Dover Port.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced via Twitter the plan to send the envoys to help ease tensions and improve conditions of the dozens of Spanish drivers caught in the blockade.

Nearly 4,000 HGVs have been parked up at the Dover ferry crossing port after the border to France was closed for 48 hours due to the new mutated strain of COVID-19 that appeared in the UK.

After intense negotiations between Paris and London, the border was finally opened, however rapid PCR tests were required for all drivers entering France.

Thanks to shortages in tests and personnel, truckers have been left with an indefinite wait at the border.

The UK government announced on Sunday that it would be sending military personnel to help health care workers in the testing to speed up the process, but many have been left angered at the chaos and confusion.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry, two diplomats ‘will be present at the two concentration points where the tests are being carried out’ in an effort to assist with translation and legal issues.

They will also be tasked with helping find accommodation if necessary and assist with medical procedures if a positive result is discovered.

Information will also be released via social media to all Spanish drivers currently operating in the UK advising on testing procedures, and also advising on not travelling to Dover unless completely necessary.

During the delays, many drivers have told of a lack of food and unsanitary conditions, leading to minor skirmishes with police.

Spain’s Minister of Transport Arancha Gonzalez Laya has assured Spanish citizens that she will be working closely with the UK government to ensure drivers caught in the jam will have access to fresh food and water,

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