LEADING Doctor and television personality Dr. Cesar Carballo took to Spanish TV with a bleak message for Spain ‘s future in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Carballo made the prediction in an interview on his regular slot on La Sexta Noche .

During the 20-minute segment, Carballo slammed the Spanish government for their handling of the pandemic, claiming that Sanchez, along with the rest of Europe, are ‘putting all their eggs in one basket’ when it comes to stopping the spread.

“We have adopted absolutely the wrong strategy, and we have not done the homework that we should have done,” said Carballo.

“We have bet everything on the vaccine, whilst countries like China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand do not need to get vaccinated so soon.”

Carballo also warned that as a country, Spain needs to act fast as history dictates that another, more deadly pandemic is on its way.

“It is likely that within five or 10 years another pandemic worse than this one will come, as this was preceded by another one five or six years ago.”

The doctor also warned that Spain is heading into a third wave of the COVID-19 virus, and that after 12 months of struggle, the country still isn’t prepared to fight.

Spain has currently crested a second wave, registering almost 500 deaths per day at its peak during November.

Further restrictions and measures have brought the numbers down but experts fear that the relaxing of rules over the Christmas period will bring the number back up to worrying levels.

Carballo rounded off the interview criticising the government for relying on foreign technology rather than putting faith and investment into the Spanish medical infrastructure to ensure the country is self sufficient.

“Salvador Illa has made all these promised that we would be in a good position before the end of 2020, however we enter 2021 without having learned,” he claimed.

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