A HIKE in the Mijas (Malaga) mountains turned into drama when a woman fell and broke her leg.

A police mountain rescue unit rushed to the scene as darkness fell on ney year’s Day when her husband and friend called for help.

Cops say their task was made more urgent as none of the walkers were wearing warm clothing suitable for the falling temperatures as the evening drew on.

Rescuers carried the woman to safety

Rescuers say the 55-year-old woman suffered serious multiple breaks to her right leg in the incident.

The victim remained conscious, but was unable to move when disaster struck on the excursion at an area known as La Bola.

After finding her, officers gave her first aid, immobilised her leg and placed her on a stretcher.

They then spent two hours carrying her to safety before she was transferred to a medical centre in Alhaurin El Grande.

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