AN illegal warehouse rave that started on New Year’s Eve was finally shut down by police after ravers partied for more than 40 hours. 

Some of the 300 ravers in Llinas del Valles, 19 miles from Barcelona, were pictured pouring out of the building, after riot police with helmets and shields stormed inside. 

Cops have confirmed that three organisers have been arrested and all attendees will be hit with hefty fines. Currently the fine for illegal gatherings started at 3,000 euros (£2,600) and can  go up to 600,000 euros (£530,000) for the most-serious offenders. 

Around nine police vans raced to shut the rave down, with a helicopter flying overheard as officers swarmed the scene. 

Footage from inside the warehouse hundreds gathering around a huge skull wearing a Santa hat, all of them in close proximity with no masks. 

Cops are then seen storming the building, some wearing riot gear, before scuffles broke out on the dance floor.

A a young topless woman could be seen trying to calm the situation as police began evacuating everyone from the premises.

A statement from the Catalan police read: “We will prosecute the organizers and all the partygoers. 

“The three organisers of the illegal party in Llinars have been arrested. They will go to court in the next few hours.”

It is not known what number of party-goers were from the UK and Spain. 

Asked why the operation only began around midday on Saturday, police officials told local media it was a complex operation and they didn’t move in until they were able to ensure the safety of officers and partygoers.

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