JUNTA chief, Juanma Moreno, has said that the central government’s decision not to permit earlier curfew and house confinement is an ‘error.’

On Wednesday, Spain’s health minister, Salvador Illa, rejected the pleas from the autonomous regions—Andalucia included—to impose tougher restrictions, saying that there are already ‘sufficient measures’ to fight the virus.

Moreno is in disagreement and continues to insist that Andalucia needs to have ‘more tools’ to ‘control the pandemic.’

The situation in Andalucia is ‘very worrying’ insists Moreno and warns that it will lead to ‘further mobility restrictions’.

The current country-wide state of alarm of the coronavirus pandemic gives regional authorities the power to impose total or partial lockdowns of municipalities within their borders, and limit the number of people in social gatherings.

The extension in curfew hours and home confinement, however, has to be approved by the central government and for that, the current state of alarm, set on October 25 effective until May 9 would need to be modified.

A possibility that, according to Illa, would be ‘assessed in the future.’ but not yet, even though the health minister warns of ‘tough days ahead,’ in the fight against the third wave of the pandemic.

Moreno insists that curfew at 8pm., is ‘essential’ and has called on Andalucians to be ‘responsible’ and to stay at home after this hour regardless.

The PP leader also said that ‘the model of co-governance of the COVID-19 pandemic between the State and the autonomous regions has failed.’

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