A British TV team is getting help from the Olive Press in a new investigation of the Benidorm balcony death of Kirsty Maxwell in April 2017.

The documentary programme is being made by Viacom Studios for Channel 5.

Camera crews and producers have been in the resort trying to uncover fresh evidence over what happened to 27-year-old Kirsty at Apartamentos Payma nearly four years ago.

Some new angles to the story are being followed along with the team conducting extensive interviews.

Their findings are unsurprisingly staying very much under wraps for the time being, and there is no transmission date as yet for the documentary..

It’s not the first TV programme to investigate what happened to Kirsty, who died aged 27.

BBC Scotland in 2018 aired ‘Killed Abroad,’ presented by retired detective, David Swindle, who has been assisting her family in their search for the truth..

Kirsty, from West Lothian, had been for a hen party weekend in Benidorm, before tragedy struck shortly before 8.00 am on April 29, 2017.

She woke up and walked by mistake into a tenth-floor room in her accommodation block.

The room was occupied by five British men from the Nottingham area, who were partying in it moments before she walked in.

Kirsty subsequently fell to her death from the room’s balcony.

A Benidorm judge ruled in September 2019 that the men had nothing to do with what happened to Kirsty.

Her parents, Brian and Denise Curry, appealed to the Alicante Provincial Court, who declared last July that there was no ‘strong evidence’ of criminality.

The Curry’s have criticised the way Spanish authorities have investigated Kirsty’s case including the disappearance of possibly vital DNA evidence.

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