THE ex wife of Spanish football legend Nacho Novo has been left ‘embarrassed’ after a fraudster set up an Only Fans account in her name. 

Donna Novo, who married Novo in 2015, was furious to find that her family holiday snaps were used on the X-rated subscription site.

The mum-of-three, who has a son with the former Galicia player, said she believed the page was created by someone close to her.

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Donna told the Daily Record: “It’s terrible. I woke up to loads of messages from people following me on Instagram saying they had been requested by that page.

“It’s obviously someone who knows me quite well. I’ve got older kids so it’s a bit of an 

The fake page, which distraught Donna spent three days trying to take down, promised promiscuous pics of the ex-football wife. 

The ad read: “This is a place where you will find moments from my private life that I make available only here.

“I will have some content that is fantasy, provocative and intellectually teasing.

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“Tips are appreciated. I will be sure to send a personal thank you as well.”

OnlyFans has now stepped in to have the “fraud account” unconnected to their site removed – and an error message now appears in place of the page.

An OnlyFans spokesman said: “We have seen a number of similar impersonation accounts, which are separate from the OnlyFans site, reported to us in recent months.

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