Spain’s former King Juan Carlos, who quit the country last August with financial scandals hanging over him, has paid a €4.4 million tax bill.

It was the second such payment by the embattled ex-monarch in recent months, who has been living in Abu Dhabi.

The voluntary tax settlement of €4.4 million, including interest payments and fines, was based on unpaid tax on private jet flights and other expenses worth €8 million paid by a Liechtenstein foundation from which he benefited.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez today(February 26) said he shared Spaniards’ ‘rejection’ of what he called Juan Carlos’ ‘uncivic behaviour’.

“An institution is not being judged,” Sanchez said, amid anger over the delayed payment.

“What is being questioned is the behaviour of a person.”

Last December, Juan Carlos paid Spain’s tax authorities over €678,000, including interest and fines, which was to allegedly settle illegal credit card transactions.

If the Emeritus King had not paid, he faced being charged in an investigation and even being refused entry back to Spain.

Supreme Court prosecutors have opened several investigations into Juan Carlos’ business dealings, including those linked to a high-speed train contract in Saudi Arabia.

Monarchs have immunity during their reign but Juan Carlos’ abdication in 2014 in favour of his son Felipe has left him vulnerable to potential legal action.

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