THERE are currently five justified situations which permit travel between regions in Spain over Easter.

Under the central government’s motto ‘We don’t save weeks, we save lives.’ urging people to remain alert and avoid close, Spain’s Interterritorial Health Council has ordered perimetral lockdowns of territories during Easter, with the exception of the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.

However, interprovincial mobility is contemplated in specific cases, the five exceptions, according to the BOE (Official State Bulletin), in which such mobility between provinces is permitted are:

1. Travel for health reasons:

It is possible to travel to another community for a health issue (an operation or scheduled test in a hospital), if you are stopped by the police you will need to justify the trip by providing your medical or hospital appointment, or medical prescription.

2. Travel for business or official work purposes, including travelling to take official exams:

The Spanish Official Gazette (BOE) put into circulation on March 31 2020, a document that permits movement for work reasons.

The document can be downloaded through this link, however the document must be filled in by the company on behalf of the worker to permit unrestricted access.

In the case self-employed or freelance workers, travel without a justified work reason is not permitted.

Attendance at educational establishments in order to receive classes or attend exams and/or tests is still permitted. However, only the person concerned (unaccompanied) may travel with proper justification.

3. Travel to return to the family residence:

You may return to your habitual residence as long as a census certificate or ID card is shown.

4. Travel for care-dependent people:

The assistance and care of the elderly and dependents is still among the exceptions for moving and changing provinces if necessary, you can use a certificate of dependency of the person in question.

5. Travel due to force majeure or a situation of need or any other of a similar exceptional nature.


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