The people of Lepe have been the butt of jokes for centuries in Spain, maybe even as far back as 1492. 

Perhaps thanks to the legendary resident, Rodrigo Perez de Acevedo who gained a reputation for idiocy whilst on the first transatlantic maritime expedition with Christopher Columbus.

After shouting that he had seen land during the night which would have been impossible, the reputation stuck.

LEGEND: Statue of Rodrigo in Sevilla

Although, another legend maintains that rumours were spread by a jealous neighbouring village.

The Leperos accepted this new status, launching a comedy festival and appearing as naive in their own stories.

Now, for any Spanish joke requiring a ‘fool’, people look no further then the people of Lepe.

Although in 2011, it was suggested that the ‘chiste lepero’ be declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and the surrounding strawberry fields have brought a lot of wealth to the town, begging the question, who has had the last laugh?

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