MALLORCA has won a lucrative deal with the Discovery network which will showcase the island as an all-year-round sports destination. 

Presenting the €400,000 campaign at a press conference this week, Consell de Mallorca president, Catalina Cladera, said that the project would ‘play an important part in the island’s recovery after the coronavirus health crisis’.

“We want to convey to the whole world that right now, our greatest attraction is that we are a safe destination for tourism.

“With this first great promotional campaign we will contribute to the dream that many of us have, which is to travel again,” said Cladera.

The audience reach will be Europe-wide with 25 million viewers estimated to tune in.

Special features will be broadcasted across the network with a particular focus on Eurosport 1 and  2, the Global Cycling Network and Discovery Golf, amongst others.

Catalina Cladera, Centre. Credit Consell De Mallorca
Consell de Mallorca president revealing the news at a press conference

Meanwhile, a proposal has been put forth to the Balearic government to hold a ‘coronavirus-free’ concert in Mallorca and attended by 2,000 people.

Inspired by the Love of Lesbian show which took place in Barcelona last month, the island’s Association of Music want to hold a similar event in May under controlled COVID-19 settings

President Angel Pujol said that the association has been working closely with the Festivals for Safe Culture – the organiser of Barcelona’s innovative concert – and were already in talks liaising with a private medical company who would test every ticket holder.


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