A DESPERATE plea for help has gone out from one of Costa Blanca’s well-known charities, Big Reds Animals.

The owner has admitted that animals may suffer as the pandemic and lockdown has cut off nearly all funding.

For many years the charity has been caring for dogs, cats and many other animals that have been abandoned or neglected in the Vega Baja region.

Big Reds 1
IN DANGER: One of the many dogs in the care of Big Reds

The Olive Press spoke exclusively with Suella Winston-Campbell, the owner and manager of the Catral-based charity.

“We can’t take in any more animals until we can actually afford to,” said the 52-year old. “If we do, the animals we already have will suffer.”

Big Reds 3
MONEY HAS DWINDLED: No fundraisers means no money

The fact that Ms Campbell had to go public about this, reduced her to tears of anguish.

She cried: “There are so many animals that need help every day but the number of volunteers is dwindling as folk have their own lives and have to prioritise their own families.”

Both Suella and her son, Jon, are looking for paid work, as the expense of running the charity has taken its toll on the pair.

The pandemic and lockdown has meant no fundraisers have been possible, but the bills and veterinary expenses keep rising.

Campbell admitted, “Due to our regular donations of food and PayPal donations we can feed the animals but with rent and utility bills due again soon, I’m in full panic mode.”

The charity has eight pups in foster care that need feeding, as well as the dozens of animals in care at their Catral base.

Big Reds has a charity shop in Almoradi and a stall in Zoco Market, near Quesada.

If Olive Press readers can spare any amount, please donate via PayPal to bigredsassociation@gmail.com

The Facebook page for Big Reds Animals is clickable here.


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