The president of the Spanish Society of Immunology has blasted the government’s promise to have the country vaccinated by the end of the summer, calling the plans ‘difficult’. 

Marcos Lopez Hoyos is doubtful that Spain can hit its target of having 33million vaccinated against coronavirus by August. 

Figures show that just  3.3 million are fully vaccinated so far and nine million people in Spain have received their first doses. 

Head of Immunology at the Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla, Hoyos said that the country is unlikely to reach the 33million target before December. 

“From the beginning I have always said that for Christmas, I hope I am wrong, and I keep saying it,” he said. 

“I have also said that we were going to have security, production and logistics issues that will mean that there will be stops and it is difficult to get to August with all those vaccinated people ”

He did however remain optimistic that the inoculation programme offered the key to escaping COVID-19 restrictions. 

He said: “It continues to be a historical, relevant and successful event.

“They have reasons to be attentive and alert, nothing more. We know that a situation may arise that we have to control. But getting vaccinated eradicates the coronavirus, which also causes thrombosis.” 


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