POLICIA local in Sevilla have rescued 20 wild ducks from dreadful dinner-plate fates.

The incident occurred last Thursday when police officers carried out a routine inspection on the premises of an oriental food establishment located in the Industrial Park Carretera Amarilla.

The police have reported that during the routine inspection, in addition to finding the wild ducks crammed in a small cage and without any accredited veterinary documents, several other health and safety irregularities were found on the site.

A cage with 20 wild ducks was intercepted from inside the kitchen of an oriental food establishment in Sevilla. Part of the kitchen has been sealed due to unsanitary conditions.”

The officers proceeded to seal several refrigerators and a food display case for failing to comply with health conditions.

The sealed area will be inspected by consumer technicians to verify the situation of the establishment.

In the meantime the wild ducks of the mallard ‘Anas platyrhynchos’ species, were removed by veterinary technicians from the Municipal Animal Health Department for wildlife rehabilitation.


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