THE Junta has delayed this week’s meeting of the Advisory Council on High Impact Public Health Alerts (the so-called committee of experts).

According to Jesus Aguirre, Minister for Health in Andalucia, the recent ‘improvement’ in the contagion trend has meant that it is preferable to delay the weekly committee of experts meeting—where decisions are made about the coronavirus restrictions—in order to reassess with the accumulation of more data.

“It is preferable to delay this week’s meeting in order to keep a watchful and expectant eye on the evolution of the pandemic.” Aguirre said during a press conference in Cordoba.

“The committee of experts meets when important decisions have to be made,” he said adding that the meeting can be ‘postponed’ if the signs are ‘favourable.’

Official sources from the Junta have informed that the rearranged meeting will most probably be held next Tuesday, April 27.

Andalucia has been in a situation of extreme risk to control the pandemic since last Sunday due to exceeding 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days, however, the last seven days has seen a significant drop in numbers, to a cumulative incidence rate of 115.

At a national level, the leader of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, has said that although the cumulative incidence rate continues to climb, ‘the effects of the Easter holiday have not been as negative as he had feared.’ and that ‘the outlook for the country as a whole, in the medium and long term, is favourable.’


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