THE Asociacion Protectora de Animales Galgos del Sur has warned this week of the ‘massive abandonment’ of galgos—the Spanish greyhound—which is taking place in Andalucia.

In just one week, and in Cordoba alone, the association has rescued 31 dogs ‘discarded by galgueros— the people who own and breed the dogs—as they are no longer useful for hunting’, of which ‘27 were of the galgo breed’.

According to Galgos del Sur, so far this year, 2021, they have already rescued more than 150 dogs discarded by galgueros and hunters.

Going on these numbers, the animal welfare group has predicted a ‘massive abandonment’ of greyhounds for this year, and warns that for the first time ever, some 400 galgos will most likely be left to their own fate in Andalucia.

Galgos are an ancient breed of hunting dog once raised exclusively by Spanish nobles, unfortunately, today they are one of the most abused dogs in Spain, where thousands are where thousands are killed across the country every year, often in macabre ways.

Conditions for galgos have improved somewhat in recent years, however there is still a lot of work to be done and regrettably it seems that lately the abandonment of greyhounds, far from decreasing, is only increasing.

Galgos del Sol is one of many welfare groups to spring up in recent years that focus specifically on rescuing galgos.

Others include Fundacion Benjamin Menhert, based in Seville, who have recently reported that 160 Galgos are abandoned every day, and 112 Carlota Galgos, in Malaga.


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