LATEST government figures have shown that an alarming percentage of Andalucia’s pensioners are rejecting the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clot concerns.

The Junta have released numbers that just under 25% of the 60 to 69 age group have rejected the Astra Zeneca vaccine due to a number of deaths linked to the jab.

In an interview with Canal Sur, Director of the Vaccination program in Andalucia, David Moreno, explained that currently the region has 65% of its over 60s vaccinated.

However of the remaining 35%, 25% have been summoned but not arrived at the vaccination centres.

“So far we have vaccinated a high number or this age group, but we urge the remaining unvaccinated population to receive the dose,” said Moreno.

“Unfortunately the Oxford vaccine does not have the popularity that the other brands have, and this is putting a lot of people off,” he continued.

“Although we are investigating links between thrombosis and the AstraZeneca vaccine, the possible side effects are significantly lower than the chances of entering the ICU with COVID-19.”

Previously, Spain had restricted the use of the Oxford vaccine for the younger age groups due to the possible side effects, but with many of the younger population and key workers already having their first Oxford jab, fears grew that those would be left unprotected as the Junta sought different options for their second dose.

Moreno reassured those already with their first vaccination, they ‘will not remain in limbo’.

“They will be vaccinated with a second dose, and it will be either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine based on scientific evidence and in the meantime they are protected with one dose.”

Concerns have arisen after a number of cases of thrombosis have been linked to the Oxford vaccine, with a total of 19 deaths worldwide, seven of which in the UK.

However medical experts insist that the cases are not proven and experts are working on understanding whether the cases are linked to receiving the Oxford vaccine.


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