FROM today (May 9) Andalucia is moving into a so-called ‘transition to a new normality’ as Spain’s coronavirus state of alarm ends.

If everything goes to plan, the transition to a ‘new normality’ will last just over seven weeks and will see the hours of activities and the permitted capacity progressively increased— as long as the 14-day coronavirus incidence rate remains low.

June 30 has been set as the date to enter the third and final phase, where it is expected that 70% of the population will have received at least one dose of vaccine and 40% of the population should be fully immunised.

Andalucia’s three phases de-escalation plan is as follows:

Phase 1: Stabilisation – This phase begins today and will last until May 31. In this phase, the hotel and catering industry will be allowed to open until midnight. With tables of up to 10 people permitted on terraces, up to eight inside.

Nightclubs will also be able to open until 2am, although with limitations.

Phase 2: Advanced – This phase will last for the whole month of June and will see a further increase in opening hours and capacity in the hotel and catering industry as well as in cinemas, theatres, bullfighting and concerts.

There will be no cut-off time at beaches, however face masks will continue to be mandatory, regardless of whether social distancing can be respected.

Phase 3: Normalisation – This phase will begin on June 30 and aims to reach the so-called ‘new normality’, which would permit Andalucia to have a summer as close as possible to the one prior to the pandemic.

By the end of June it is expected that 40% of the population will be fully immunised, with 70% of the population to have received at least one COVID-19 jab.

Measures in force in Andalucia

As today, the Andalucian government has decided to adopt the following measures against COVID-19:

  • There will be no perimeter confinement of the community and mobility between provinces will be maintained.
  • The nighttime curfew in Andalucia will be lifted.
  • Social gatherings in private spaces cannot be regulated.
  • The courts will be used to issue and enforce quarantine rules for those infected.
  • Opening hours in hotels and restaurants will be extended until midnight, nightclubs until 2am.
  • Andalucia is preparing an action plan, to be approved, that would confine municipalities where the 14-day cumulative number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants is above 500 or 1,000.


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