Laura Hamilton brought guest Donna and Terry to the popular expat hot spot in the south of Spain in the hopes of finding A Place in the Sun for them, but the pair were left unimpressed. 

HOST Laura Hamilton was left red-faced after two guests shunned the area in Spain she chose for them. 

Property expert Laura was on a mission to find the perfect get-away holiday home in the town of Manilva, on the Costa del Sol, for the ‘hard to impress’ couple. 

On Friday’s Place in the Sun, Donna and Terry were shown five properties around the area – but snubbed all of them. 

The pair admitted they had never visited the area before but were determined to by a house – not an apartment – for £135,000.

Determined to convince the duo of the beauty of the coastal area, Laura did her best to find a property that met their requirements and stayed within their budget. 

The episode, which aired on Channel 4 on Friday, saw presenter Laura scramble to please the pair but even she was left worn out, telling Terry he was ‘hard to impress’. 

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Commenting on the first property, a two-bedroom apartment in La Duquesa on the market for £140,625, Terry said the ‘whole place would need redecorating’ adding: “I didn’t particularly like the balcony there, it just needs more outside space basically.”

A two-bed townhouse in Hacienda Guadalupe, valued at £133,923, did catch Terry’s eye but partner Donna said she didn’t get the right ‘feeling’ from it.

Laura warned the pair not to take too long to make their mind up ‘because everything is going to be unaffordable before you know it’. 

But bizarre twist, the pair admitted they did not like Spain enough to move there. 

In a voiceover at the end of the show Laura admitted the gaff and said: “They decided that Spain wasn’t the place for them and have decided to continue house-hunting in Turkey.”


Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun to film in expat hotspot 

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