OFFICIAL photographs from the wedding of Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Solis and Belen Corsini have been released following a weekend of opulent celebrations. 

The couple’s wedding, which took place in Madrid on Saturday,  marked the  union of two of Spain’s wealthiest families. 

Carlos Fitz-James Stuart y Solis is the youngest grandson of the late Duchess of Alba, who was known as Spain’s richest woman. 

Meanwhile Belén is the great-granddaughter of Carlos Corsini Senespleda, the engineer and founder of the construction and public works company Corsan, which was sold for €325million in 2004.

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Their spectacular wedding took place in private at Liria Palaceafter the original plans for their big day had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heiress Belen Corsini wore a stunning bridal gown by Spanish brand Navascués while the groom Carlos looked dashing in the Gala uniform of the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (RMS), a chivalric order created in 1670 currently led by King Felipe of Spain.

Elegant bride Belen walked down the aisle around midday, looking exquisite in her long sleeved wedding dress which boasted a delicate detachable tulle train adorned with family heirloom fabric from her maternal grandmother.

Following the ceremony the newlyweds hosted a lunch on the luxurious estate which had also served as their home over lockdown. 

They served beer from the family’s own brewery La Casa de Alba and partied until the early hours.

Spain’s looser Covid-19 restrictions meant up to 300 guests could dance the afternoon away at today’s indoor ceremony, with up to eight people per table.

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The wedding comes just two years after Carlo’s elder brother, the Duke of Huescar, married Sofia Palazuela in 2019. 

Carlos is just one of the Duchess’s eight grandchildren. Known as the richest woman in Spain, her property portfolio included castles, palaces, country houses and land across Spain – with the most famous being the Liria Palace in Madrid, where she was born.

The palace is also thought to be home to 249 oil paintings by artists including Rembrandt, Goya, Van Dyck and Rubens, as well as the Alba Bible which dates back to 1430.

Before she died in 2014, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva had enough land to allow her to walk from Galicia to Andalusia without setting foot off her own land. The 88-year-old held the Guinness World Records for the most titled person in the world – so many, in fact, that she allegedly demanded the Queen bow to her whenever the two met.


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