A Murcia gang kidnapped and sexually assaulted a man in a vicious revenge attack over a woman.

Five men, all of Bulgarian nationality, have been arrested by the Policia Nacional and face multiple charges.

One of the gang members heard that his girlfriend had started a relationship with another man and were living together in the Alicante area.

The jilted lover rounded up four friends and drove from Molina de Segura to Alicante to confront his ex-partner’s new romantic interest, who had been a friend of his.

The five-strong mob beat him up and bundled him into the boot of his own car and drove back to Molina.

The victim, also a Bulgarian national, was then sexually assaulted by the angry ex-boyfriend.

He was assisted by his compatriots who took photos and videos of the attack which they sent to their friends.

All of the group, aged between 21 and 43, were refused bail after a court appearance.

Charges against them include kidnapping, sexual assault, car theft, and membership of a criminal group.

A Policia Nacional investigation rejected a complaint from the Bulgarian woman at the heart of the dispute.

She claimed that the assaulted man had kidnapped her in Molina and forced her to go to Alicante.

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