The bohemian interior deco style was predominant over 40 years ago, and it has become a trend in modern home décor design. There are many ideas on how to incorporate boho style in your home. For instance, in the bedrooms, boho duvet covers or bohemian pillows are excellent design items that can change the whole look of the room while being easy to style. Simply put, bohemian style is rich in color, texture, and patterns and follows no particular order or structure. It is easy to achieve the look since it capitalizes on a maximalist approach.

What are the principles of boho interior design?

  • Handmade artwork and natural décor items

Botanicals are the central décor design in Boho’s interior décor style. The best plants to have at home in line with the bohemian style are cactus, bouquets, and ferns. Adding any other succulent plants is recommended, but the presentation also matters. There are classy ceramic flower plots to enhance the beauty of plants. You may hang them on the wall, but bigger plants require space on the floor at a corner or along the corridors. Sculptures, paintings, and handwoven throw pillows or bedding are other natural forms of boho interior design style.

  • Layered patterns

Dynamism in mixing texture and color patterns in your deco scheme creates an eclectic interior home design. Earthly tones such as green, metallic, and coffee brown color form the basis of the deco theme. For the rugs, inspiration from the Middle East deco scheme will accentuate the look for the living room or any other room by just throwing Persian rugs. Adding three or more layers of floor mats, throw pillows, or blankets of different textures will complete the bohemian style.

  • Vintage furniture

Though retro furniture can also pass for a boho style, try to get vintage furniture. The couch, chaises, and sleek tables are statement masterpieces you should own. Local artisans can craft vintage furniture. Alternatively, you may visit vintage shops in your residential area or shop online for second-hand vintage furniture. Boho deco style focuses on comfort, and furniture such as footrest, low-lying sofas, and floor cushion adds to the boho flair. Rattan stools and sideboards are also vintage masterpiece ideas.

  • Lighting

Bohemian style incorporates bright colors and lights up the room. Going easy on lights to dim them a little bit will create an impressive boho-style feel. Candles offer the best alternative to lighting on special occasions. Diverse lighting should be the source of your inspiration when choosing the lighting system in your home. Apart from ceiling lighting, side table lampshades, string lights, and Christmas design lighting are welcome. Lanterns, fairy lights, and desk lamps will help to accomplish the boho décor goals too.

Bohemian interior design; 5 tips to achieving boho interior design style

  1. Embellishments 

Decorative embellishments with beads, sequins, and tassels are affordable ways to incorporate boho style in your home.

  1. Natural and handmade items 

They reflect your individuality and style. Handmade rugs, arts, and crotchet items are ideal, and it’s worth investing in them. 

  1. Embrace global accents and souvenirs

They could be in any form of art, books, or memoirs. Clustering of these items should not follow any particular order. You may also change the placement of the sculptures and other accents from time to time as boho style is all about spontaneity.

  1. Casual and cultural feel

Make the living room space more casual by including poufs, throw pillows, floor cushions, and rugs for a more comfy and friendly feel. A gallery wall is a vital addition to the boho style. Reviewing various cultures for deco schemes can help you collect vintage and modern deco items for your gallery.

  1. Rustic finishes

Ideally, the boho style embraces natural finishes such as sisal rugs, woven storage baskets, and wall hangings and plants. Adding a rustic metal finish such as metallic lamps, golden or brass lighting fixtures, or metallic wallpaper will do the trick.

To achieve the bohemian interior deco design, go for the more creative approach. Incorporating African, South American, traditional, and Victorian décor themes at home gives it a boho look and feel. Researching on other décor themes online can give you more inspiration. You do not need inspiration from anything or anyone, and the only limitation is your creativity. That makes it more popular and is currently the trending home decor design.

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