ART fans in Valencia are in for a treat.

From now and until August 15, the Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia city centre (Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 18) is hosting a spectacular immersive exhibition based on the work of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

El oro de Klimt (‘The gold of Klimt’) offers visitors the chance to enter into the late 19th century genius’ work thanks to technology and music, becoming surrounded by each piece in 3D and enabling an unprecedented analysis and experience.

Klimt Exhibition 1

According to the organisers, the recent decline in interest for traditional art exhibitions has prompted the creation of this new breed of exhibition, on which every aspect of the artist’s work comes alive and visitors do not simply admire a painting – they become part of it.   

Gustav Klimt (Baumgarten, 1862 – Vienna, 1918) was a symbolist painter and a prominent member of the artistic movement known as the Vienna Secession. Known for his paintings, murals and sketches, among other works, the exhibition focusses on his most popular ‘golden phase’ in which he used gold leaf as a creative material.

El oro de Klimt is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm. Entrance costs €11 for adults and €9 for children and teenagers up to 15 years old and for over 65s, plus €1.50 service charge.

Klimt Exhibition 2

All necessary anti-COVID precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of visitors and numbers are restricted in order to prevent crowds forming – a set time must be selected upon purchasing a ticket.

For more information and a link to purchase tickets, visit or email


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