AS Spain is due to begin the climatological ‘summer’ season on June 1, mother nature has prepared one last hurrah in the form of thunderstorms, Saharan dust and sky-high temperatures.

The turbulent weather is due to sweep across Spain this weekend and bring more afternoon showers in many parts of the peninsula, particularly along the Costa Blanca and Balearic Islands.

National weather organisation AEMET predicts that the eastern coastline will experience thundery afternoon showers, some of which could be very intense.

Parts of Northern Spain, extending across to northern regions Valencia and Costa Blanca could see what is known as ‘dry storms’, intense electrical storms with no or very little rain.

Receiving the tail end of the showers that will sweep across northern Spain, Andalucia will also experience some of the highest temperatures this year, with areas of the Guadalquivir valley reaching up to 35ºc.

The presence of Saharan dust will also be a key factor in the weather this weekend, with coastal areas covered in a thin blanket of low lying dust clouds, leading to what could be a hot and humid few days.

Spokesman for AEMET, Ruben del Campo explains that Monday will also be the start of the so-called ‘tropical nights’ with temperatures not dropping below 20ºc

Average temperatures of between 32ºc and 35ºc across western Andalucia will continue into next week with further afternoon thundery showers.

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