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ASTROLOGY: What do the stars have in store for you in June?

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This June Mercury will be retrograde, confusing decision-making, plus we have a solar eclipse. 

On June 21, Jupiter, planet of luck will go retrograde, but you won’t lose out as opportunities are simply being put into the ‘savings account’ for collection later in the year when Jupiter comes out of retrograde.


The old saying “don’t give your tongue too much freedom or it might take you prisoner” may well apply to you this June.  Double check your words before pressing send, or the auto-correct may create a bit of embarrassment.  Also back up files now.


You are naturally shrewd with financial matters, but even you must double-check your change the first three weeks of June.   Others will understand your need to postpone a social event till a more convenient time.


It’s your birthday month, so its time to think about YOU and take a break from career and family duty.  Use your natural Gemini ingenuity to find support, then dance freely and joyfully into the solstice sunset.


Have you ever kept a dream diary?  That might be a great idea this June.  Another thing that would benefit you greatly would be to follow a regular meditation practice, even if it is for only ten minutes a day.


Being such a gregarious soul, your social life is very important to you and you are often the one organising it.  However, with Mercury retrograde for the first three weeks of June, do double-check dates and times.


Your greatest wish is to be of help and service to others, but before you offer to shoulder yet another responsibility, remember that your first duty is to take care of YOU.  The group will support you more than an individual now.


Double-check all the details of any travel plans, or you may end up at the airport on the wrong day, at the wrong time, maybe even the wrong airport!   A wish to study something new may have to be postponed for now.


One of your strengths is the ability to cut out the unnecessary.  However, this month in your drive to clear, do check carefully what your are actually throwing, or you might accidentally chuck out ‘the baby with the bath water’!


The other half of your duo might not have all the answers this month, whether in your weekly quiz or in the puzzle of life in general.  Instead, take a deeper look within for the solutions to all that you need to solve.


The devil is in the detail this month.  Take a break from worry or you may get so lost in trying to make things perfect that you start to criticise yourself and then those around you. Tell yourself “my best is good enough”.


Children are so delightful but can be rather unpredictable and throw you off balance.  Whatever they are up to, don’t let it get to you.  Rather take a step back and gain perspective by remembering your own childhood pranks.


Home and mother seem to throw up unsolvable problems.  But that is just an illusion created by Mercury, the planet of thinking, in  retrograde.  So this June remember your Pisces strength is intuition over logic. 

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