THE Gandia (La Safor) campus of Valencia University has more than doubled its investment in scientific research over the last year.

According to centre director Jesus Alba, the budget for the investigation department has increased steadily over the last couple of years, from €927,000 in 2018, to just over €1 million in 2019, to €2.2 million last year.  

Investment is said to come mainly from the Spanish and Valencian governments, plus a rising percentage of European funding.

Alba highlighted the fact that the figures are proof of the high quality and recognition of the work performed at the Gandia campus, with an increasing number of European partners and a greater capacity to attract EU funds for its projects.

Gandia Campus
The Gandia campus of Valencia Polytechnic University

The most important department at the La Safor complex is the Institute for the Integral Management of the Coast (IGIC), created in 2007 to research all areas of coastal conservation and use.

A total of 11 teams and 70 professors at the IGIC specialise in a wide range of areas including ecology, oceanography, chemistry, mathematics and tourism, among many other fields.

The collaboration between experts and students, many of whom with national investigation grants, opens the doors for IGIC to take part in major international projects such as sustainable irrigation plans for Morocco and Egypt – two of the department’s latest successes.

Pre-inscriptions are now open for the various courses starting at the Gandia campus in September.


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