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5 Facts You Need to Know About Book Bans

Thief pinched hundreds of books from libraries in Spain's Valencia for online resale

Book bans have long been a divisive topic that has sparked discussions about censorship, free speech, and the place of literature in society. Books, whether they are recent bestsellers, classic novels, or controversial works, are often at the center of efforts to restrict access. These are the top five things concerning book bans that you should be aware of.

A Look Back at Book Banned Books:

The practice of outlawing books is not new. According to PIA’s blog post, governments, advocacy organizations, and places of worship have all tried to restrict access to books that they consider offensive throughout history. Suppression of literature has taken many forms, from the Nazi regime’s burning of works to the Catholic Church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum, which identified prohibited publications. Book bans have happened even in democracies, frequently as a result of moral panics or sociological changes.

Justifications for Book Bans:

Books are challenged or prohibited for a variety of reasons. When children or young people are the intended audience, objections may be raised due to inappropriate language, sexual content, or violent depictions. Some people might disagree with the political or religious opinions presented in the text. In addition, censorship attempts frequently target works with LGBTQ+ themes or characters. These arguments frequently stem from a need to protect readers from viewpoints or ideas that are thought to be offensive or unsuitable. 

Effect on the Right to Intellectual Freedom:

Book bans are a serious danger to free speech rights and intellectual freedom. Governments and other organizations that try to censor books impede people’s freedom to consider opposing ideas and exercise critical thought. Censorship inhibits the flow of ideas necessary for a robust, democratic society and stifles creativity. In addition, the suppression of literature may have a chilling effect on publishers and writers, causing them to avoid contentious subjects and practice self-censorship.

Libraries’ and schools’ roles:

Schools and libraries are frequently at the forefront of the fight against book bans. In order to provide access to a vast array of books, librarians and educators must navigate obstacles from individuals who want to ban specific publications. Many libraries have procedures in place to handle book challenges, including reconsideration procedures and review committees. However, libraries may find it challenging to keep collections that represent a range of viewpoints due to financial limitations and outside pressure.

Opposition and Protest:

Books that are banned frequently face fierce opposition from people and groups who are committed to protecting intellectual freedom. Campaign organizations like the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) and the Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) of the American Library Association strive to increase public awareness of book bans and offer assistance to individuals who are confronting censorship issues. Through petitions, demonstrations, and legal action, writers, librarians, educators, and readers all actively oppose attempts to limit access to literature.


Book bans are still a divisive topic since they bring up significant issues with censorship, free speech, and the place of literature in society. Books might be challenged for a variety of reasons, but it is important to recognize how censorship affects intellectual freedom. People can more effectively fight for the preservation of various voices and ideas in literature if they are aware of the background, justifications, and consequences of book bans.

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