RESIDENTS in the Valencian Community can access the new EU Digital COVID certificate from today(June 7), but it appears there is at least one case where the vaccination record is not up to date.

The document has been approved between all 27 European Union countries to allow the free movement of people across all member nations.

The Olive Press today(June 7) was told about a certificate which had details of a first Pfizer vaccination on May 7, but no registration of a second Pfizer shot on May 26.

It is unclear whether there is a timelag on information being logged from vaccination centres or there has been some kind of error.

All of the EU countries can now start issuing and using the certificate which will be fully operational from July 1.

The certificate is seen as crucial in restoring normal travel, including tourism, between the EU member states.

People on the Costa Blanca and in the Valencia and Castellon areas can get the certificate by inputting their SIP card number into either the Valencian health authority website or by accessing the phone app, GVA + Salud App.

The certificates are in Spanish, Valenciano, and English.

There are three options.

Firstly, a certificate that confirms how many vaccinations residents have received.

The second document has details of recent PCR or antigen tests.

The third choice covers people that have had COVID-19 within 180 days.

A QR code will be sent to a smartphone which the recipient can then use across the EU.

For people who do not have a smartphone or just prefer to have a paper version of the certificate, it can be printed off the website via a PDF.

The document can also be obtained at a local medical centre.

The Olive Press would like to hear about any problems in with getting the latest vaccination details on the EU COVID certificate or any other issues.


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